Hotel Fiuggi Terme**** - Via Capo i Prati 9 – Fiuggi (FR), Italy

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FIUGGI is a well-known Italian Thermal Center, with about 10500 inhabitants, located 50 miles from Rome.  

ROME, the Eternal City, has two airports:
"Leonardo da Vinci" in Fiumicino (20 miles from the city centre)
"G.B. Pastine” in Ciampino (10 miles from the city centre)


special free-of-charge transfer is scheduled

on Friday November 20th
from Fiumicino Airport to the Fiuggi Terme Hotel
at 8.30 am - 10.30 am - 12.30 am - 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

on Sunday November 22nd
from the Fiuggi Terme Hotel to Fiumicino Airport
at 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm 

(Please indicate in the registration form if you will use the shuttle service. Remember to send the registration form to



From the "Leonardo da Vinci" Rome-Fiumicino airport
take the Leonardo Express train to Rome Termini station.

From Rome Termini Station:
Rome-Naples railway line via Cassino-Caserta, to the FF.SS. of Anagni-Fiuggi Terme station.

From the Anagni-Fiuggi Terme railway station
take the Contral Anagni-Fiuggi bus.
Information and timetables on

From "G.B. Pastine“ Rome-Ciampino Airport
take the light rail to Rome Termini station.

From Rome Termini station
take the Rome-Naples railway line via Cassino-Caserta, to the FF.SS. of Anagni-Fiuggi Terme.

From the Anagni-Fiuggi Terme railway station
take the Contral Anagni-Fiuggi bus.

Information and timetables on


COTRAL bus from Rome to Fiuggi
direct travel on the A1 motorway; departure from Termini Station,
corner Via Giolitti and arrival at the Fiuggi station.
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Participants must send their material to the secretariat of the conference by November 10th, 2020.

We accept files in .PPTX format (2013-2016). The .PDF format conditions the resolution of the source file, so you are asked to save the presentation at a suitable resolution for a video projection. We recommend at least a resolution of 1920x1080 (horizontal).

The secretariat checks the file within 2 days, informing the supervisor of any computer compatibility problems. A copy of the presentation must be kept on USB support by the speaker for the entire duration of the conference.

Before the start of the work session, the supervisor checks the functionality of the file with the secretary.

The authors authorize without reservation the eventual publication of the presentation on the conference site at the end of the work.

Each workshop will have the following structure:

5 min: The Workshop President introduces the debating activity;
10 min: The Topic Presenter describes the chosen topic, taking a facilitating role (it is possible to use slides, suggest questions, organize small work groups, etc...);
30 min: Interactive discussion among all the workshop participants;
7 min + 7 min: two expert commentators give their opinion about the discussion topic;
Every workshop is conducted in the presence of a Secretary.

The secretariat will work at the conference venue, on Friday November 20th from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm, on Saturday November 21st from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to the end of the works and on Sunday November 22nd from 9.00 am to 13.00 pm.



Participants will be accommodated at the FIUGGI TERME HOTEL until the available rooms are finished, and then at the ATLANTIC HOTEL**** (a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue).

Fiuggi, as Rome, enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate.
The average annual temperature is +12.6 ° C; in the coldest month, January, it stands at + 4.5 ° C, while that of the hottest month, August, is + 21.6 ° C. In the month of March the average temperature is  +10.2 ° C (max 12.2 ° C, min 4.2 ° C).
The wettest month is NOVEMBER (127 mm), the least rainy July (36 mm). Rainfall in the month of March is on average around 70 mm.

In Italy you will find lots of people who speak English and are eager to practice with you.
In Fiuggi, visited all year round by tourists, there should be no communication difficulty.

The Italian currency is the Euro, the single European currency, European currency whose official abbreviation is “EUR” = “E/€”. Exchange rates of participating countries are locked into common currency fluctuating against the dollar.

ATMS (known in Italy as bancomat) are widely available and most will accept cards belonging to the Visa, Master-Card, Amex, Cirrus and Maestro system. As a precaution, check that the appropriate logo is displayed on the ATM before inserting your card.
Banks’ opening hours are 08:30 to 13:30 and 14:45 to 15:45, Monday through Friday.

Major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Europecard, Cirrus, Amex are widely accepted.

You can change you money in banks, at post offices or at a cambio (exchange office). There are exchange boots at Stazione Termini as well as at Fiumicino and Ciampino airport. Always make sure you have your passport, or some form of photo ID, at hand when exchanging money.

A value-added tax of around 22%, known as IVA (Imposta di Valore Aggiunto), is included in the price of just about everything in Italy. Non-EU residents who spend more than € 155,00 at shops with a “Tax free for tourist” sticker are entitle to a tax rebate. You’ll need to fill in a form in the shop and get it stamped by customs as you leave Italy.

In Italy service, usually ranging around 10% of the bill, depending on the restaurant, is automatically added to the check and must be visible on the menu. Therefore, there is no need to tip.  Normally, however, Italians just round up the bill by a few Euros. Please do not tip the taxi driver during taxi trips in Rome. Hotel staff, such a luggage handlers, happily accepts a small tip. Generally, no other public service workers expect tips. Also remember to take your receipt, even if paying cash. It is required by law as you must be able to prove that you paid and that the owner recorded it for tax purpose.

Electrical appliances in Italy work with 220 volts, AC.50 Hz and plugs conform to the European system of round pins with two holes.

GMT/UTC + 1 hour (+ 2 hours in summer).
Telephone area code: + 39 (0775).
Emergency numbers: Dial 112 for Police, 118 for Ambulance, and 115 for the Fire Department
Smoking: On January 10th, 2005, a nationwide smoking ban went into effect in bars and restaurants.
Water: the waters of Fiuggi are classified among the "natural waters, spring waters, mineral waters". In addition to the treatment of kidney stones (causing the expulsion of kidney stones and preventing their formation), Fiuggi water is an important therapy for urinary tract infections and, thanks to the action it plays on the metabolism of uric acid, favours the treatment of gout and uratic arthropathies.
Ubiquitous public fountains provide water clean and drinkable, but also free tap water is safe everywhere.
Unsafe sources will be marked ACQUA NON POTABILE.


The greatest resource of each nation is its youth.
Young people of today are the men and women of tomorrow
and Rotarians are not allowed to forget their duties towards future generations

(Paul Harris)